Bull Wise Cube USB Power Strip

Get Rid of Mess

Becoming the Apple of Your Eye at the First Touch

Overcoming the mess and constraint of space brought by traditional horizontal power strips.
3D structure, T-shaped wire rack and translucent cover make storage and arrangement easier and handier.

WIFI Remote Control

Intelligence makes everything possible

Whether setting or prolonging the time of power supply, or taking periodic measurement,
with a single APP on your mobile phone, easily achieving WIFI remote control and management of multiple functions.

Ingenious Design

Every Part is Just Perfect

Refine details of the product like an artwork, integrate technology and art wonderfully.

Safety Guarantee

Your security is what we seriously care about.

Anti-surge technology, overload prevention, 5 kinds of USB safety guarantee.
Our every innovation is a renovationof users’ security.

Anti-Surge Technology Overload Prevention

5 Kinds of USB Safety Guarantee

Bull Wise Cube
USB Power Strip

Honored with China Red Star Design Award 2017
Honored with AWE Award 2018



Bull Wise Cube
USB Power Strip

Product Model


Full Length

1.8 m

Rated Voltage


Rated Power

2500W MAX

USB Output

5 == 2.4A MAX

USB Input

100V-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.5A